Wim Wenders

Yesterday there was a big opening in Lleida, Wim Wenders Photographs at Fundació Sorigué. It is such an exceptionally curated and presented exhibition, so If you can get to Lleida before end of March 2014 don’t’ miss it.

During the opening I had the chance to talk with Mr. Wenders. I explained him my actual project, Observed(o), and even offered him one of the project pins. He took it and put it on his flap immediately, but that was not all, he also took a picture of my eye using his mobile phone. Thanks Anna and Xavier for taking some pics of that moment.

Now there’s not only a lot of people in Lleida wearing a project pin but also people like Wim Wenders. Thanks Mr. Wenders!

Photo 10-10-13 21 17 55  Photo 10-10-13 21 17 40

Photo 10-10-13 21 27 03  Photo 10-10-13 20 40 40