Observed(o): Mode OFF

Observed project has finished in regard to their activity month. Now there is much work to sort and organize all material, photos and videos, which have been collected during the month of October.

We hope to present the project as a book or exhibition once the classification process is done. From this time we get to work also in the preparation of a dossier explaining how the project was done. It will include explanations and pictures of all actions.

Thanks again to all the contributors and volunteers.

The project is open to public presentation proposals, either from the material collected, or repeating public actions in another location.

Last DEMO action today.

Today, the last day of the project, we did another Demo action. It was during the weekly public market at El Camp d’Esports, in Lleida.


Photography by Santi Iglesias.

Observed(Mil2) – App is ready!

Finally La Panera art center app is updated in IOS app store. It includes a new art piece named Observed(Mil2) by Jordi V. Pou. This mobile art section follows the idea of the Observed(o) project as it’s really another action from it. A thousand eyes observing you as you observe them too.

This is the first release of the Observed(o) part of the app and it’s still a little buggy but it’s fully functional and will be updated soon.  So go and get it, it’s a free app. Read more info or download it in this link.



During October some websites have included in their front page one of the project downloadable GIFs. This is a short video showing those sites. Thanks for your collaboration!

Thanks to Pedro Arroyo, Anna Sàez, La Panera and UDL.

Last Week

This is the last week for Observed(o) project. But still many images from ongoing actions are coming to the site. Today we have a new image for the Demo action and some more for the ST1500 action. And we are still waiting for apple to review La Panera app including an Observed(o) piece. It will be a great last week.