On the press

The first press article about the project has arrived, and it has been really a blast. On the cover, a full page inside, and even a reference in the back. At Segre newspaper, the main newspaper on Lleida. This is the main page or view all three in this PDF.




Today one of the project banners has been installed in the vision area of the public webcam at PCiTAL Lleida. You can see the webcam live 24hr in the webcam section.

A timelapse video documents the hanging process using online captured images from the public webcam.

We are always watching

Excerpts from an article by Kevin Maney in USA Today about the birth of cellphone camera and society evolution.

“For the first time, hundreds of millions of people are carrying an image recording device all the time. It means somebody in a comedy club audience can see Michael Richards blow his wig and immediately capture it and post it on YouTube. The ubiquitous cell-cam seems particularly handy when some actress shows up having forgotten her underwear.

The always-there devices mean we get first-hand images of disasters, terrorist attacks and crimes. In his state-of-the-city address this month, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled a program that will let citizens snap cell-cam photos of crimes and send them to 911. Hopefully, not many people will make use of PhotoShop software to etch a rival’s license plate number on a photo of an illegally parked car.

In 1984, George Orwell thought we’d be forced to behave because government cameras were always watching us. Instead, we’ll have to behave because every person is a spycam operator.”

Article talks about Philippe Kahn, the inventor of the cellphone.

“Kahn, who is working on a still-secret new company called Fullpower, altered society with his soldered-together contrivance. And the scary thing is, the infiltration of cell-cams is only beginning.”