ST1500 Video

On Friday October 4, 2013, a collective action was held to post some of the ST1500 action eyes all along Lleida. A group of volunteers  was able to post more than a thousand eyes on the streets in just a couple of hours.

Enric from did a fantastic video documenting this guerrilla action. You can see it just below. Thank you very much to all those volunteers and specially to Enric.


ST 1500 Ulls als carrers from on Vimeo.

Wim Wenders

Yesterday there was a big opening in Lleida, Wim Wenders Photographs at Fundació Sorigué. It is such an exceptionally curated and presented exhibition, so If you can get to Lleida before end of March 2014 don’t’ miss it.

During the opening I had the chance to talk with Mr. Wenders. I explained him my actual project, Observed(o), and even offered him one of the project pins. He took it and put it on his flap immediately, but that was not all, he also took a picture of my eye using his mobile phone. Thanks Anna and Xavier for taking some pics of that moment.

Now there’s not only a lot of people in Lleida wearing a project pin but also people like Wim Wenders. Thanks Mr. Wenders!

Photo 10-10-13 21 17 55  Photo 10-10-13 21 17 40

Photo 10-10-13 21 27 03  Photo 10-10-13 20 40 40

Face to Facebook

Face to Facebook is a very interesting project that uses images from facebook and Facial Recognition. Visit the project site for more info. These are some excerpts from Face to Facebook site.

The project talks about the consequences of posting sensitive personal data on social network platforms, and especially the consequences in real life. These consequences are always underestimated because we still instinctively tend to confine what we do online in the visual space of the screen. Face-to-facebook practically questions online privacy through one of the web’s most iconic platforms.

Furthermore, “face recognition” techniques can be applied to group vast amount of Facebook pictures. This process is also quite paradoxical, because the “surveillance” aspects (face recognition algorithms are usually used together with surveillance cameras) here are not used to try to identify a suspect or a criminal, but to capture a group people with similar somatic expressions. The resulting scenario is that different elements forming the identities can be remixed, re-contextualized and re-used at will. Facebook data become letters of an unauthorized alphabet to be used to narrate real identities or new identities, forming new characters on a new background.