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The all seeing eye

Segre.com, the online version of Segre newspaper, published an article by Mariona Visa talking about Observed(o) project. Among other things she says: “Walking Lleida this month makes us feel more than ever that the protagonists of the Big Brother that George Orwell imagined, and makes us realize that our lives are more exposed than ever […]

24 Hours Observing

Timelapse video using images from public webcam at PCiTAL in Lleida. We are observed all time, but we also observe the observer. Please notice the project eye facing the webcam. You can see this webcam life in the webcam section.

New action : DEMO

Demo is one of the actions that had not been revealed yet. But just this weekend started with its first public action in the Camp d’Esports of Lleida during the football match Lleida-Constancia. Photography by Santi Iglesias. Thank you to Lleida Esportiu for their collaboration.